Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Adventures
Extreme bass fishing in the Florida Everglades


Capt Shane,

When someone is a fishing guide and advertises that you “will” catch over 100 Largemouth bass in a day, the more experience angler lifts an eye and says….not likely. Our first day out we could only fish for one hour because of a violent rain storm…within that one hour my wife caught 30 fish and at one point landed ten straight bass in ten casts. I caught over 20 in the same hour so we had 50+ fish in the boat within an hour. On our second day, my wife and I caught 150 fish (actually got them in the boat) and we hooked many more. I know for most reading this it sounds like another “fishing story” but it’s not. While the fishing is the finest on the planet….You, Capt. Shane are a wonderful guide and easy to talk to and be with. You treated my wife as if she was a queen taking off every fish, showing her how to cast, placing bait on the hook and even taking photographs and videos. Our fishing trip was a total adventure! While the fishing is over-the-top this was more than a fishing trip, it is a lifetime of memories with scenery, birds, alligators, bull frogs, crystal clear water and lots of fish. I can assure you, my wife and I will return to the Florida Everglades and enjoy this adventure with you again. Bottom line……your price is right, your stories are true and we are telling any future clients that booking a trip with you should be done with total confidence. Thanks for everything, Steve and Debbie, Jarratt, VA


Being Charlie Moore fans, we saw one of his shows featuring Captain Shane in the Everglades. We thought this sounded like a fun adventure, so we looked Shane up on the internet and booked a trip with him. My spouse is an avid fisherman,  but my fishing experience and skill is pretty limited so I wasn't quite sure what to expect! Shane claims he can teach anyone to fish and I can truly say that he is a man of his word! We got up the morning of our trip and I'm thinking, this is going to be a long day for this guy when he sees how much I suck at this! Then we met Shane & it was like meeting an old friend! He is such a gentleman, very friendly, laid back, & patient, just a great guy! He worked with me all day! How many guides will cast for you until you are comfortable to do it yourself?! I totally improved my casting skills & my hook sets! We caught tons of fish, more in one day than I have caught in my entire life!! We had a 5 step plan that day & the only step I didn't achieve was #5- kissing the fish! Can't say I was disappointed about that! The boat ride was a blast, we saw alligators, birds, talked all day & really had a great, great day! The trip has totally renewed my enthusiasm for fishing & I truly thank Shane for that! We can't say enough about this trip & we can't wait to go back again!!   

Lynda & Tony


"Thanks for all the photos and videos. Love the gator chase and the 7 lb monster grab. As expected, my wife was in awe of the Gators and natural beauty of the Glades. Needless to say, Clay and I had the time of our life. I didn't expect to catch that many fish - especially quality big fish. My elbows and arms are sore from reeling them in. The trip was much more than advertised. Really enjoyed the trip in and out of the swamp - seeing all the wildlife, plants, and ecosystem. Also appreciate the extra attention you gave to Clay - lure selection, presentation, technique, etc. A good friend of mine always encourages me to "make memories" with my wife and kids. Fishing w/ Captain Shane makes memories for a lifetime. Hope to return next year. Consider me and Clay as your agents in Birmingham - hope to send some business your way. Thanks again! And RTR! (Roll Tide Roll)"
Steve K.

Captain Shane,

"I just wanted to write you and thank you for the greatest fishing adventure of my life.The day exceeded all my expectations, and provided me with memories that will last me a lifetime! Please let everyone know what a great time I had fishing in one of the finest fisheries in the world with one of the best guides in the business. Please feel free to quote me. Sincerely Jim S., Fredericksburg, Va.

"Super Guy! Excellent bass fishing! 250+ bass in 8 hours. Also 2 days saltwater A+ Guide."
  Wayne C. from Pennsylvania

"Best Fishing Trip Ever. Lots of Fun. Capt. Shane knows his stuff. We will be back !"
  John B.

"Most outstanding fishing I have ever experienced. Highly recommend!"
 Mark C. from Indiana

"Captain Shane knows where to find the big bass.  He was most accommodating and kind to our grandson, Aaron.  Aaron remembers every detail of our trip, including catching the alligators. We had a great time, and would go again in an instant. You may have confidence in Shane's ability to put you on the fish and make sure your trip is successful and pleasant in every way" 
  Kaye & Tom J. from Virginia

"Over 200 fish for the day with a 6 lb+ to boot. You will need your rest. A+"
  John S. from Illinois

"Absolutely a fantastic fishing trip! Lots of big bass! Great captain & guide!"
   Carl and Bev H. from  FL.

Lou Z. from R.I.

"More exciting than skydiving" says Garry Peters from Aventura, Florida

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