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 Butterfly Peacock Bass Fishing

South Florida has an amazing Butterfly Peacock Bass Fishery. The Peacock is the most beautiful, most aggressive and hardest fighting fish on the planet. These fish hit like a freight train and offer a heck of a fight. The Peacock Bass has quickly become my favorite fish to target in South Florida. If you like the excitement of top water fishing, you will love this fish. I target these fish with an assortment of plugs, top water lures, and shiners. The most effective way to target a peacock bass is with shiners. It is by far the most fun trip I offer. If you choose to use the shiners to target peacock: I will pick them up before I meet you. The cost is about $8.99 per dozen. I recommend at a minimum of 5 dozen per angler. For the most successful peacock trip I highly suggest shiners.

Due to the strong demand of my clients I am now doing more peacock bass trips than my largemouth bass trips. That's fine with me as I am in love with the peacock bass. We have fully recovered from the freeze of 2010 and we are catching peacocks routinely over 7 pounds.

The Peacock is not native to the area but was introduced by the Florida Wildlife Commission in the late 1980's to control other invasive fish species. The Peacock has thrived in the tropical South Florida

Take a look at a couple of my videos and see what you can expect when you book one of my Butterfly Peacock Bass fishing charters.

Delray Beach Clownknife


The latest exotic fish charter I offer is the Clownknife. This fish is an incredible fighter and has the ability to fight in reverse. I am now catching this fish on a consistent basis in certain areas of S. Florida. These are caught on my Peacock bass charters. These have been in our water ways for just over 10 years. Each year we are catching bigger ClownKnife than the previous years. For the angler who has caught it all this is a must do!


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