Media Appearances Largemouth Bass Fishing and Peacock Bass Fishing

NBC Sports

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I had the honor of taking Peter Miller, the host of NBC Sports show "Bass2Billfish" deep into the Everglades in 2015. It was a fantastic shoot and made for an exciting show. 

Animal Planet

 Animal Planet/Discovery Channel "Off The Hook" :Extreme Catcheswith professional wrestler, "Showtime" Eric Young. Eric came to South Florida to help me rid the South Florida waterways of the invasive Snake Head fish.The show is running constantly on Animal Planet and features the wildest anglers in America catching fish in unusual ways. The shoot was a blast and the host was a genuine and pleasant fella. 

NBC Sports

  NBC Sports "No Offense" February 2012 Charlie Moore came down for some snakehead fishing and some serious South Florida entertainment. We caught plenty of fish and had a ton of laughs. This show will air throughout the year on NBC Sports, friday nights and saturday mornings. Thanks again "Madfish", Charlie Moore! 


 ESPN2 "Beat Charlie Moore" with host Charlie Moore in 2007. This trip took us offshore for swordfish then onto the South Beach in Miami. Charlie, a.k.a. "Madfish", his family and his crew were fantastic. In 2008 we fished for snook off Apollo Beach. "Madfish" caught his first snook! This year, 2010 Madfish Charlie Moore came to the swamp for some Everglades Bass. Charlie and I Had a challenge from a couple of good ole' boys from Mississippi and Alabama. It was a razor close best five fish tournament. We won but it was close. It made for a fantastic show on ESPN2. 


Captain George Gondz invited me to do some largemouth bass fishing on the extremely popular Florida fishing show REEL TIME. We flipped for big Loxahatchee bass. Perhaps we will do a Peacock Bass Fishing in a future show.

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